“Who watches the watchmen?”

Its not new that power corrupts, I don’t understand why we are surprised by it.  What is important is how we respond.


It seems pretty obvious that the global financial system is broken.  The SEC appears to be covering for Wall Street, not protecting the investors, foundations of  the financial world like LIBOR were being played, apparently with the endorsement of the Bank of England. Senior political officials look to have a clear conflict of interest in the private sector… in fact  Politictians are the least trusted people in the UK, New Zealand, the USA… you get the idea. The Euro Crisis has had 18 ’emergency meetings’ to address it, clearly vested interest is over whelming the logical response…. (see the previous post)

So who watches them? Given the prevalence of technology that can provide real time information to anyone, this is solvable right…. but Turkey’s don’t vote for Christmas…so looking for the people with the most to gain, or WHO HAVE GAINED THE MOST to control themselves is a fools errand… this is up to us I think

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