What’s your Elephant?

It seems to me that every industry has an elephant that it needs to addressed. Not only are elephants an obvious fact that goes ignored, often they become are limiting paradigms.

Take Telco’s for example , how often have you heard the statement that ‘voice is in decline’ used in a semi defeatest way to explain EBITDA declines. Utter garbage, complete rot trotted out by businesses with no imagination. ‘Voice’ the service is doing nothing but grow!!! For gods sake just look at the Statistics. Increasing telephone lines, increasing mobile phone subscribes increasing international tolls, increasing voip minutes.

Telco! Here’s your elephant. The next part is the limiting paradigm. The companies that accept this false statement as fact are victims. By accepting this as fact they don’t have to address the obvious. That this situation is their doing and that they have the power to fix it.

How? Try this on. The proposition of the "voice service" hasn’t been updated in 100 years  and the service has become undifferentiated and commoditised. This lack of differentiation has lead to cheaper pries. Full stop! There's your 'decline'

Other industries are guilty of this too. The Banks loaning on property they shouldn’t because they need to show outrageous profits, the share market who drove them too it, the US auto industry, EU farmers you get the idea.

What’s your elephant and how is it holding you back?

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