What is your strategy…

you know,  the real one. The one that your company is actually implementing …. I guarantee you its different from the one you wrote.

Most companies have a strategy, its either a:

deliberate strategy – the annual plan using facts and analytics and assuming that we can foresee and somehow control what the next 12-60 months will be like, or

an emergent strategy – a rapidly evolving strategy based on quick feedback  from the real world and agility within the organisation

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the nose – Mike Tyson

Both are valid forms of market response.  However I think theres a third category… your real strategy.

Strategy is determined by what comes out of the resource allocation process, not by intentions and processes that go into it

Clayton Christensen

Think about that statement. Where you actually focus your people, spend your money or development time is what your real strategy is.  And in many instances…there is a missmatch between the intended strategy and what actually happens

Some examples

Stated ” we want to be #1 in a growth market”   ———- > vs  giving people KRA’s with the first item being “protect the legacy revenue” – What you are actually saying if in doubt sell the old stuff before the new stuff

Stated ” lead in customer service”        ————-> vs ” lower costs in operations and build core products” – What you are actually saying don’t automate, don’t invest in customer service tools and squeeze more service down the existing channels… nice

Stated ” your local bank”    ————> vs “consolidate branches and drive people online” – What you are actually saying yeah local to a 50km radius, you really care

Stated ” We’re all in with the cloud”    ————> vs “release on premise products first and make it difficult to transfer licenses to the cloud model ” – What you are actually saying  whatever we say, we will force you to keep using our onprem products

Stated “Increase sales acquisition” ————> vs   ”  maintain sales opex” – What you are actually saying  miracle up more business for same spend and whatever you do, do not bump commissions!!

See the absolute dichotomy of these things. You are setting yourself up to fail, confusing the troops and wasting the market opportunities

A wise man told me once, to win, you need to get all the wood behind the arrowhead.

If you aren’t getting the results you want, perhaps looking closely at what policies, drivers, KRA’s and investment decisions you actually have running thru your organisation will give you some insight into why.

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