What is SaaS?

An interesting question when you see the answers! We’re in a SaaS workshop with members spanning the spectrum of Management, marketing, product development and management and technical. Check out the responses below to see some of the divergent answers.


SaaS is (vs on premise):

  • An Application or service
  • Services in the cloud
  • Scalable & multitenanted
  • Value add to the network – in that anaology that a shower and pluming.
  • Apps on tap – opt in and out seamlessly, scalable with me
  • Outcome vs features set
  • User vs owner of software – outsourced the responsibility, accountable for the outcome
  • OPX vs CAPX
  • A different billing model
  • Consolidation and integration – of standard features and functions or applications. The sum being greater than the parts
  • Pre-integrated done
  • Configurable  vs customisable
  • Technology agnostic
  • Used because the you USE it vs used because you bought it


And you? What do you think?

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