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Its becoming my strong belief that there are two divergent streams of activity going on. The youth affect, as detailed in Steve Borsch's Rise of the Participation Culture, where people are not only embracing the internet but actively seeking to harness its power. To them this is easy, they get technology. For the rest of us….well its stunningly hard. You also find yourself feeling guilty for thinking that, a little stupid, and the technocraty can be quite arrogant.

       Posted by Paul

Now i work in and for technology companies, always have. But even i (in my mid 30's) struggle to harness the power of the internet, applications and services. And i struggle because quite simply its too hard. The reason why me and my peers set up this website, started getting involved in and using more of the lubricating technologies of the web was because while i discussed it, strategised about it and saw the benefits, i'd never done it. So this has been quite an eye opening experience. Some of it good, most of it worrisome.

There is, in my opinion, no way that the participation culture will go mainstream until this whole process is simplified. Developers, hosters, CMS all need to break the techocratic track they are on. Sure it might be cool, but this games about scale. 5% of the webs 1.5 billion users is a good market, but if you simplied it and expaned that pool….think that one through.

Google did it with their search engine and other apps. They also create a counter culture that mainstreamers could subscribe too without being covered in tats and wearing sandles. Dell did it with PC's, they removed the mystery!!

How hard would it be for Godaddy, Joomla or whoever is part of this to put up a link. "Hosting for the non-technical". List the 10 steps to get it done or better yet automate it with some dell like options along the way. I'd pay extra for that.

Lets think that one thru, i said " i would PAY extra for that". I'd need to see value but for the sake of my hairline it'd be worth it


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