Wake up call for us all


I’ve been wearing a pedometer for the last couple of days. The point of this is to measure exactly how much (or in my case how little) exercise you do on a daily basis.  And then motivate you to do  100 000 steps a day.

The target is 10 000 steps (8km or 5 miles). If you do this amount of steps you are supposed to get physical and mental health benefits (more here on the official NZ website, and here). Things like better spinal health, less fat, less stress, less heart disease etc…

As a knowledge worker who regularly eats lunch at his desk, who’s main activity is typing and walking to the coffee machine, i’m currently clocking up just 4000 steps on days when i don’t go to the gym or train.  Thats appalling!

While I do other stuff to keep fit, i know lots who don’t.

So the call to action, if you do read this blog, quietly reflect on how much exercise you do on daily basis. Give your belly a pinch while no one is looking, bit pudgy? Does your back ache? Is your belt out a notch from last year? I genuinely like having readers, you are what makes blogging worth while for me. So i ask you to think about putting a little walk into your day, every day so you can stick around.


In case you are interested, for those days when i don’t train & clock up just 40% of my daily quota, my daily routine looks something like this;

Spend 45 mins in the morning running round getting myself and kids ready.

Walk to car / bike and drive to work, walk to desk.


walk to coffee machine a couple of times,

walk to sandwich bar, buy lunch

put a few bathroom breaks in there

Walk to car / bike and drive home,

Run round after kids some more and while fixing dinner….


Sound familiar?



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