Video conferencing : truely a dinasaur

What a debacle

I’ve just gotten off a video conference using ISDN and Polycomm equipment. Talk about a  technology that should be killed off. Its amazing to me that it still exists in a world of presence, IM video and application sharing.

Because someone had disconnected all the equipment when i arrived i was exposed to the full complexity of this “service”. Added that, the clunky user experience and the flaky voice quality on the other end it was all in all appalling experience. 

Having used MSN messenger and office communicator as extensively as i could have over the last year I found the whole experience to be massively complicated and unsatisfactory. I wanted to draw pictures, i wanted to adjust the sound volume, i wanted to connect on time, not 10 minutes later.

For me the most profound insight into the process was how web 2.0 has revolutionised the user experience. That is designing solutions FOR consumers that gives power back to them. After this morning, long may it continue.

The question for me is how can such a kak technology survive? I mean who in their right mind would buy this in this day and age? I would suggest that ignorance of a better world plays a big part in that. I’d also suggest that Telco’s are equally to blame, touting such tired value propositions as network quality in their sell. This is the classic disruption to me.  New worlds here, thank god for that.


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