This is outrageous

I normally refrain from commenting on New Zealand politics but i'm sorry, todays article quoting our moronic Finance minister has gone to far.

Finance Minister Michael Cullen yesterday put the acid on employers to do better in closing the wage gap with Australia rather than expecting tax cuts to do it.

"Yes, we should aim to close the wage gap with Australia but we should do more than talk about cutting taxes to help us get there. The Government can only do so much – business must also pick up the challenge."

Excuse me? Now I am and employee and even i can't stand the hypocrisy of this statement.

In the last year hasn't this same Government 1) had a massive tax gain on petroleum? 2) Increased employee holidays by 33% (and hence costs) 3) Added a time in lieu overhead 4) increased compliance costs 5) Pushed our lack of savings onto employers by making them contribute to their employees Kiwisaver funds 6) Let our economy get so out of control that our interests rates (for borrowing) and international buying rates (against the USD in particular) mean profits are way down? And now they have the audacity to push their poor record of holding onto our talent here in NZ onto the employee….



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