The results of the CRM poll are up

A few weeks ago, Lauren at Software advice ran a survey on the on-demand CRM market. Well she’s just posted up the results which clearly show that is the percieved  the market leader.

If top of mind position is any indicator of future success (and marketers will vehermently assert that it is) then clearly have the wood on their opponents.

The analysis about whether or not Oracle will acquire is quite interesting.  The consensus opinion being that this won’t happen.

All in all I think this is great stuff for the Cloud industry. I know its only a small sample and probably screwed by online centric folks, but it does point to the coming of age for SaaS CRM. Something @benioff has probably known for  a while… is not only a comparable enterprise ready product…. in many instances its a far superior offer.

An interesting side question: Is this superiority specific to or generic to the SaaS model?

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