The mental step change we need to occur

I had a conversation yesterday with our CIO function about collaboration tools. It was an epiphany to him, and a stark reminder of the step change in thinking that many companies need to go through if Cloud computing services are to become more widely adopted.

 Here is a bit an abbreviated overview of the converstation.

Me: "my team want some collaboration tools"

Him: "Not going to happen, you don't have any CAPX"

Me: " I don't need any, i'll be putting it on my credit card"

him:"who the hell is going to sign off that, thats breaking DFA rules..yada yada"

Me: " errr [name] these options are cloud services, we're talking $5 per user per month"

Him: " stunned silence"

Therein lies the rub. My employer is in the cloud computing game, we offer them to our clients!!!. But we still haven't fully appreciated the disruptive impact this change is going to have on our own consumption, let alone our clients.

I was  reminded of a throwaway line my peer got from the last Interop converence… "in cloud computing, we are 2 minutes into the 1st quarter of the game"…. we've got a really long way to go 


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