The Kiwi network and SaaS

I had the opportunity to catch up with Troy Wing yesterday, he's the CTO of a SaaS startup called Forcelogix  a company that does sales performance management and the author of the Software as a service solutions blog . I had hoped to do a Bob Warfield style interview with Troy, but time didn't permit.

Even though the meeting was brief, I was struck by a couple of things. 

  1. How much of a community builder the blogsphere is, let alone social networks. Troy is the second such encounter for me and both have been really enlightening and enjoyable relationships. (Thanks once again Troy for fitting me into your holiday plans!!!)
  2. Kiwi's, (New Zealanders) and how alike we are. What I love is the way we self network and the automatic trust that being from home engenders. Our conversation went something like, " i've found another kiwi and we've got a start up, looking for others…" All good fun
  3. I love the fact that some of us are beating the tall poppy syndrome. Troy was another like minded individual in that respect.
  4. Aspirations – Troy is the 4th Kiwi i know that is actively working in the Saas sphere, building companies to do this stuff. For me thats incredibly valuable for a lot of reasons. Theres another bod to run ideas past, Troy's skill set and back ground is different from mine and I believe we got to a point where we found mutual synergies. It was a piece of a puzzle my partner and I have been trying to solve for a while and it was really heartening to hear Troy voice similar things.
  5. Experience – Troy has been thru the process of building and funding a SaaS startup. His  insights and experience in this was great (and he admits he's only done it once todate). Some of his comments echoed some of my own experiences, some were new. Like having to be in Silicon valley to get funding and credibility…
  6. Networks – mutually sharing of these is invaluable. As kiwi's we tend to do this from the cradle, but its still immensely valuable. (For those who don't know why, when there are only 4 million of you, you tend to either know each other, know someone who knows you or need to pool resources to get anywhere in the world). Something that hit home as Troy and I had coffee and an old work colleague of his (a new one of mine) walked in!  A bit different from New York i'm sure.
  7. Energy – those of us who are working on new ideas or in start ups have a vibe thats different from the rest of the world. Troy's got it in spades and i recognised it instantly

It was a great to meet Troy, again i appreciate him giving up some of his holiday to spend time with me. I also look forward to working him in the future. This global collaboration thing has legs…

Merry Christmas to you all. 


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