The horse has bolted

Staggered, that’s my response to the Viacom announcement its going to sue Google because of a supposed 160 000 clips on YouTube.

Viacom is showing its old age with this play. They could have done it themselves, they instead have trusted to an antiquated copy write law and lobbying of the US Government.

They are showing their fear and uncertainty, the worlds moved on. My pick is that they are about to alienate a large customer base of prosumers…

Given that is a pretty large clash of the titans, it could well be the event that defines the new world content law. 

Another interesting angle. Currently by proxy, the US controls the web content via is legal process. Could this mean that if the law makers decide to prop up a decaying business model, that they run the risk of having the net power base (consumers) decide that there is another countries legal system that better supports reality… interesting space. 


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