The Customer Cost benefits of SaaS.

Hot on the heels of Ben Kepes post about how SaaS companies will have some protection against the looming recession. McKinsey have come out with a piece that analyses the cost benefits to a customer of purchasing a SaaS solution.


Given that SaaS is 30% cheaper for the end user, expensible, has more flexible growth and retraction capabilities and delivers business benefits faster. I would say that things are looking quite rosy for the SaaS sector.

Added to this the VC and share market has shown a willingness to continue to shove money its way too (maybe they understand the things listed by Ben, but I suspect it’s more a swarming affect in action)

I maintain my earliest opinion about SaaS. It delivers true customer benefit. Whether this be cost, flexibility or speed to benefit. If you keep your customers happy you are onto a winner. a position like that makes you truly recession proof.

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