The continuing Saga of the music industry.


I wrote before about the music industry.  In this piece I said that the model is broken. Since this bit, both Nick Carr and Allan Leinwand at Gigaom have both written about it some more.

To me this one statement sums up the issue

Money needs to flow to artists for their creations in a legal manner.

The key word being ‘the Artist’. Isn’t it funny that the lobbying and noise is all coming from the record companies. .I would wager that they’ve wrapped up their actions in a nice bundle called ‘we are serving your best interests’ Mr or Mrs artist. But I think even a cursory examination of the wealth pools within this industry show that the artists get only a fraction of the benefit of their creativity. So in fact all this noise is entirely self serving,  and people know it.

I think most people would happily pay for content knowing that most of the wealth is going to the content creators. ( I accept there will be outliers who never will)

The internet as a distributor model makes the record companies somewhat redundant and that is the issue. The internet gives you reach, rating and social networks give you authority weight or cat through. Downloads removes the need for CD’s –So what is left?

The ability to get payment and restrict access to content exists. Why not sell music in the cloud… or MaaS . This way the content creators get paid, the middle man is cut, and the content is protected. Just an idea….

Actually the more i think about this the more i think that the artists would love this kind of disintermediation play to happen and should actively embrace the internet model 

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