The best moment at the games so far.

Off topic, but i’m a proud Kiwi and I need to say this.


New Zealand hasn’t won a medal so far at this years Olympics, but to me yesterday was a highlight. Moss Burmester got 4th in the 200m butterfly.  A real shame and it must be so gutting to spend a lifetime training for a moment and get that close.


He got out of the pool and immediately got cornered by the press. His words, in true Ed Hillary style.


“ that really hurt, I left everything in the pool”


Good on ya mate.





As an aside, when i was an elite athlete i used to pack away the good memories, believe me you need them when you bad ones. I’m guessing you’re having a bad one right now.


So my small words of wisdom to Moss, put this away into your memory bin.


Michael Phelps won that race, and became the most successful Olympian of all time. No shame losing there mate.

You beat Michael Phelps over 50 fly at the Olympics, there's only 1 person in the world who can say that

Beating your own PB and setting a new commonwealth record is a helleva an achievement

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