Others are thinking SaaS and social networks

Ok, i know i'm harping on but the coincidence here is more than astounding.

 From my mornings RSS feeds comes instructions from the MS CRM Dynamics team on integrating CRM 4.0 with Facebook. This is exactly what i pointed out in my mis-spelt post of Friday .

The key is marrying the two together in a way that makes sense. Collaboration is one, CRM could be another (facebooks friends function could be called a rudimentary CRM system after all

In a back channel conversation with Ben Kepes, he wasn't surprised at all by this . Saying that this is just mashups in its next evolution and the way of the future…

Perhaps thats more the point of this series. Maybe convergence isn't between different taxonomy…its in the application mashups and the only constraint is the programmers imagination… that and where the money is.