Money needs to flow to the Artists

There's quite a fracas between ISP's and the recording industry kicking off in New Zealand at the moment as a controversial piece of legislation comes into force. It's nothing new in so far as other governments have been silly enough to try and make ISP's the fall guys for a miserably inept industry and business model.

All of the counterfactual to the ISP's has been from the industry, not the artists. People who say they want to protect the artists ability to make money.

Well I have no doubt it is about money, but I can confidently say that its got virtually nothing to do with the artist because its not them that makes the money.

Check this out from Steve Albini , a guy who produces records. According to his generic picture, the artist receives just 2% of the profits, the record company gets 62%. No wonder its them trying to protect the status quo through lobby.

It seems to me that these organisations missed what technology disruption would do to their industry. It seems to me that by fighting a defensive action like this that they can't think of another way to make the kind of money that they are used too. It seems to me that artists themselves should start being heard here. 

It also seems to me that artists should start disintermediating the leeches in their industry and use the disruptive technology to their advantage. Music as a service anyone ?