Damn Adwords is clever!

I run a small club where membership has been an issue. Along comes new years and a resolution to do something about it. Being kinda web centric,  my colleague and I decided we would own the internet space in our particular area (martial arts). Aaron built up a pretty good website, we bought a domain and he did all he could with the SEO . 

Along comes Adwords. If you haven’t been through the sign-up – do it. Even if you cancel out before buying, just do it.

The experience where they help you build your add, find keywords (an outstanding experience and truly indicative of the frightening power of search coupled with services) was exceptional.  The ability of the service provider to show you and suggest other relevant terms and how often they've been searched for by month has to be seen to be believed.

I went with the near idiot proof ‘starter edition’ which worked fine. Unfortunately there is no help (i did say near idiot proof) or other advanced features so I up-graded. The up-grade to be honest is a disappointment.  The simpler experience and canned reports were to me, better than the near endless choice. But the integration with analytics and ability to share accounts were worth the hassle. 

My other gripe is the way they word the PPC stuff. Not actually knowing what the rate was kinda annoyed me. 

Small things in the scheme. Now looking forward to the ‘goals being converted’