Stunning and scary

Also quite exciting. I feel like we are on the cusp of something tremendous in the software or no software market. It will take the might of a Google to pull it off and make it mainstream, but i think the next 18 months will see an enormous amount of traction in the SaaS market place.

Why the provocative title? Well i found this link to the Companies that Google has acquired in the last 12 months.  Firstly it is stunning. It’s a stunning amount of money, but more importantly it is a stunning insight into an audacious two pronged strategy being implemented. Clearly Advertising is key to Google. I know most people think they are a search company but i challenge that. I think the are a media company first and foremost.  The is clearly born out in the very large aquistions on this item.

Secondly though is the way they are quietly aggregate SaaS tools together.Some of them are clearly gimmicy at the moment, tailored to the consumer audience, Some are more business oriented and play right into the Google Applications play. At a recent seminar i attended, Google said that this business was currently a USD$100m business. WOW. That probably puts them in the top 10 SaaS vendors already, without really trying. You keep adding services to that, plus the charging of premium that revenue is soon to sky rocket.  You add both content and applications with a mobile focus which Google has been playing around with for a while and that’s a unique proposition. I like that Google gets the SaaS market!

The bit that’s scary for me is just how much information Google now has about what everyone does on the web. They know what you search for, what the stats are on you’re website. What RSS content you subscribe too…. A lot of stuff. Now if this was MS or even the NSA people would be pretty fired up about it. But for a few people who’ve commented on it most people trust Google. They’ve got the brand, they’re the good guys….. its still hellishly scary though just how much one company knows about the web. 

Must make their acquisitions so much easier tho wouldn’t you think?

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