step back & think

I had the opportunity to go into a Borders book store over the weekend. Weird I know but remarkably insightful. As an indicator of social mood, the ‘self help’ section is unparalleled.

A year ago the titles were an about building wealth, being more successful or creating a property empire. Now…. well now its all about happiness & surviving the downturn, but mainly about happiness& how to get it.

If this is a leading indicator of social change it is clearly saying that  the fad of ‘money is good’ has certainly past. Perhaps for the betterment of the world at large. Maybe.

I can’t help but think of a cartoon my son likes to watch in which the 3 boys struggle to get current with the cul-de-sac fads. There is a line at the and where Edd says “Never mind Eddy, if we keep this stuff in 20 years we’ll be back in fashion”. There’s something in those words that we could all learn.

Depending on your point of view, either it’s “lets learn from history & not repeat these mistakes” or it is “get prepared for the next money is good phase”. Your call

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