Social media adding value to corporations

I know, there’s been a lot of detractors of social media. Questions like “how will this stuff help us?” being top of mind. Well today announced its service cloud initiative.

I may not be doing it justice to describe it, but to me it looks like a great Mashup between (just at the moment) and SFDC. Effectively your CRM instance is ‘listening’ in on for questions or comments about your products.

When the API ‘hears” a conversation, it populates the helpdesk module and the customers knowledge base. This effectively turns the user community and their VAST knowledge into a support desk for the company. Perhaps more importantly, because the user community is more responsive, has the same culture and language it is probably a better support function.

Think about how you the user get support for items, especially opensource. If you are like me you tend to Google it, or search forums and product wiki’s. Imagine if all that data and knowledge was replicated into the vendors website or straight into the contact centre applications. Extremely powerful.

There are myriads of uses for this, think about reoccurring issues, think about prototypes and how they can evolve, the language of FAQ’s, acquisition targets (frequently suggested widgets that go with) etc etc

Very cool, and potentially paradigm changing. 

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