SOA within the enterprise

I haven’t quite got my head around this all because to me the crux of this issue is the convergence of 3 or more major technology trends.  But the thing that strikes me the most about post like this one from Joe McKendrick is the paradoxical nature of what’s going on.

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Firstly, isn’t SOA a web 2.0 phenomenon? Well it’s core building block for sure. See Phil Wainwrights  post.  Whereas SOA as an enterprise 2.0 phenomenon SHOULD encounter issues. Surely a company with its measures of ROI and ROIC is always going to encounter issues with who leads these types of projects?


“Yet, we preach endlessly to the IT crowd that it's time to get on board and transform their entire businesses, as if they have just been handed the keys to turn their enterprises into the path of righteousness. But those keys remain firmly in the CEO's hands. Then we scratch our heads when we see studies that show no appreciable business payback for ROI efforts in SOA. “


If the only benefit if SOA is optimisation (better delivery, faster product development blah blah), then doesn’t the business arm have the right to be ambivalent to SOA.  Isn’t optimisation just part of the gig of being in IT?


Enterprise SOA is only thinking within the bounds of the enterprise, for this reason its strategic intent is limited, possibly to optimising IT to the point that it actually delivers on the promises of the original business case. Maybe….


Very few organisations culturally and strategically can make the complete leap to what SOA, Web 2.0, open source and SaaS is. Therefore they have no chance of reaping (any or all of) the benefits of SOA. Amazon is one leading the way. Is what they’ve done SOA, hell yes. Is it Enterprise 2.0?, not even. Its is Web 2.0 in its purest form. Technically, culturally and behaviourally.

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