Signs you have problems with growth.

  • Everyone’s frantically busy, but nothing gets launched
  •  Your have spent the last month trying to find a spot in peoples diaries to discuss prioritisation
  •  You go on holiday for a month, get back and nothings changed
  •  the board/ CEO talk about the need to innovate, not the innovations
  •  You use the word cannibalisation
  •  You have to model the impact of new products on old revenue lines.
  •  Yon can’t describe to a 3 year old what you’ve done today to launch something
  •  you hear people talk about managing their inbox like it’s an achievement
  •  You can’t describe what your last major product release was
  •  You hear the words ‘ that’s how we’ve always done it’ or ‘we don’t do it that way here’
  •  you cannot describe which clients you serve and how you do it in less than 20 words
  •  you spend more time on the process than on delivery
  • There is only one process for launching new products
  •  you need a strategy to  size the opportunity (  hint: if it can  be sized or planned out…. it’s already too late)
  •  meetings have 10 or more people in them, and it’s not the project team (it’s the business)
  •  You don’t Know what the meeting was about and what the ‘business’ actually do
  • you talk about managing decline not product life cycle management
  • You have the same people running the big revenue lines and launching the new, cheaper substitutes
  • the words ‘supertanker’ are used to describe delivery —- sometimes with pride

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