Realities and Perspectives

I recently had the opportunity to have a brief email conversation with Steve Borshe at Connecting the dots ( if you don't subscribe to his blog you should, its fantastic). Steve generously provided a bit of coaching to me about this site and blogging, and without going into detail, basically said that having a blog and showing thought leadership was almost mandatory. Its good advice for the netcentric, and I thank him for it.  Now Steve operates at the very leading edge of the web 2.0, and provides some really great  thinking about this new phenomenon. You can tell just by reading his blog that he is very passionate about his niche, and he knows his stuff.     But what struck me was the massive differences that exist in realities and perception. I truly believe that in Steve's world, blogs and social networking are table stakes.  In New Zealand its kind of different. You'd be very hard pressed to find a CEO blogging, we have people signing up for Myspace etc but its far from common for people to establish themselves as thought leaders via a blog. In otherwords, a different reality exists (now, at this point in time)  Then i took this perceptual change one step further. To  someone living in Dafur, access to the net isn't even on the radar. Probably getting the next meal is.  Ok, to the point (because this has been kind of whimsical), and there are two  1) One of the things i've always struggled with in doing what I do is the massive discrepancies of value that exists socially. At the end of the day what benefit do i (we out there) deliver that a doctor or teacher doesn't (and why aren't they paid accordingly)  2) As per my post about Digg changing its reward mechanism. Is whole web 2.0 phenomenon really about the nets value to the individuals being at different levels of Maslow's continuum  of needs ?{mosimage} 

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