re-inventing the wheel

Here’s a secret,  most of what we do in the technology space has already been done.  Unless you work for the  VERY small number of companies who are actually breaking new ground, its already been figured out. If you aren’t sure if you work in one of those companies doing those things…here’s a hint, if you you have to ask, you already know the answer….

Knowing this, does it flip your world???   Instead of turning away and trying to figure out how to do the next great something, why not start here…

who has done this before and what can we copy

By copy I mean just that…Don’t take the concept and tweak it. Don’t waste any time on it, think your email server is different from everyone else? What about CRM? ERP? … what if their are no special cases for most things?  What if you could just copy …

there is nothing so quite useless, as doing with great efficiency something that should not have been done at all. Peter Drucker

What would that mean??? Project agility goes up, certainty goes up, costs go down, the business benefits (and its ALL about the business right?)…

And here’s the thing, if , in your search for what HAS been done before, you discover something that hasn’t… you might have actually uncovered something, a true differentiator

The only thing standing in the way of this is us….


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