Pivot Points

The moments in any strategy or deal when the landscape changes… all your planning and assumptions up to that point have been made redundant.

Be it the financial plan you have for your year or business.  When avenues have been explored, discounted or validated.  Or the deal you signed, only for the end customer to change its requirements mid way through implementation.

Recognising those moments is critical.  In my experience high performing teams and people always get the job done, they just find a way.  A singularity of focus and a committment to the getting the outcome is what gets them there….but (and its a big but), we often miss these pivot points because we aren’t looking for them. Instead we are narrowly focused on the one goal.

Being more mindful, rising above the noise, getting off the dancefloor. What ever you call it.  Leaders need to be able to IDENTIFY these pivot points and guide the conversation away from hell bent delivery, to another round of evaluation, options and decisions…

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