People, you only got yourselves to blame.

Vodafone NZ’s iPhone pricing has become so topical we even made some US news wires…well done but i’m sorry you only have yourselves to blame…

I told a couple of you repeatedly that it is just a phone. And you kept giving me the bull that its “cool” and revolutionary”… this is just the magic of Steve Jobs and Apple. They got you to be their own marketing machine, and in doing so you made the thing (just a phone) a prestige item and a prestige brand….

Just in the same way Tag Heuer is in watches, Bang and Olufsen in stereos Aston Martin is in cars. You pay over the top for those items because of the brand prestige, why is the iPhone different?  Oh that’s right, it was you that created the brand prestige.

Is the pricing over the top? Certainly, but given the monopoly position Vodafone has on the aforementioned  iPhone product, what else did you expect people?

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