Paradigm Shifts

After reading this post  by Eric Norlan about how some of the leading web 2.0 exponents are only now considering identity federation I was struck by the notion that, turely to get widespread adoption of web 2.0, its going to take a massive paradigm shift. It highlights to me that even those who portain to live and breath the web 2.0 culture sometimes miss the point.

    Posted by Paul  

In considering this, i've taken a few angles because a couple of the coments really leapt out at me. 

The first being how do you make money from social networks per se 

" Brian's logical steps (why I should care about OpenID, social networks, etc) culminate in a crucial point: social media companies (his example is LinkedIn, but this applies across other companies as well) are so busy creating closed systems that they intend to "lock in" and "monetize," that they're missing the grand opportunity to become an open identity platform. "

"The challenge, of course, is that many of the "next-generation" web 2.0 companies are still living in business models that are so 1.0.  "


How then do you go about monetizing these networks. Is making money the point at all? I've still not got my hands on a copy of Wikinomics (something i've been meaning to do for a while) but this would seem (to me at least) a fairly fundimental question.


Am i thinking 1.0? To the best of my knowledge, not many social networks make money from the services they provide…. the ad funding revolution is doing its best but i'm going to go out on a limb and predict that we (as humans) get jaded by this form of advertising too.

The second (linked) point was from a design point of view. When you kick off your social network site, do you need to bring a complete 2.0 mindset to its inception.  When you think about every, and i mean every aspect of design do you need to apply these thinkings? Perhaps yes.

But given that the rest of the world (and most importantly those with the $$) aren't in a 2.0 paradigm, how is this going to work? 

"I'd like to federate identities from my open identity store so that others can be easily connected to my social network" .  

Great, nice work achieved the 2.0 objective, big tick. Unfortunately theres pretty good money in ID theft, ops… so no i'll need a pretty good IDM system, … thats gonna cost, and we know who has the money…."how does the ROI stack up son?" 

The answer that we're embracing the 2.0 paradigm insn't gonna fly to well.

Maybe i'm missing something… let me know if i am


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