PaaS gets some monitoring and management tools finally

I’m really excited about and their cloud management tools offering (Disclosure: I was so excited that I invested in them). The clever guys have been building out a set of tools to allow businesses to monitor and manage their PaaS applications. These have just announced their public beta offering today.

“In order to effectively adopt PaaS, however, organizations need tools which allow them to easily monitor and manage their PaaS applications – regardless of where they sit. Appsecute seeks to address this need for users of the popular Cloud Foundry

This is a great step forward for the cloud foundry ecosystem, and shows the direction for PaaS in general. For some it will be seen as a catch up step for cloud, for others it will be a way for the IT department to regain some control of the cloud applications and more importantly have some long overdue visibility of the performance of their cloud application.

Like Enstratus has done for IaaS, the Appsecute offer fills a capability gap in the cloud ecosystem.  Interesting space this one…

One thought on “PaaS gets some monitoring and management tools finally

  1. Great news indeed, and it looks like a useful solution set. It would also be great if Appsecute could ‘buddy up’ with to integrate built-in cloud billing with their aggregated provisioning & monitoring though, as you don’t typically provision and monitor to a chargeable PaaS with out constantly keeping a watchful eye on the costs, especially in the first year of operations.

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