One sided press

I'm getting increasingly frustrated and disillusioned with the press NZ.  The NZ Herald, our largest and most read paper (both online and print) is blatantly leftist.  Articles like this one from Chris Barton  are a case in point.

Where is the balanced reporting any respectable writer for a national paper should present? No where to be seen. There isn't even a counter voice on the papers staff to create some balanced view.

This article in particular is emotive, one sided and misrepresentative of the situation as a whole except for the last paragraph.  So tell me this, where in NZ do you go for the balanced view. Where in the press lurks someone who isn't a closet socialist and may have actually made an attempt to enter the real world of business?

Most disappointing to me is the over-riding leftest tendency of the NZ herald as a whole.

I'll say it again, Telecom isn't here to take one for the team. Its here to make money (incidently less than Fonterra and all 4 major banks). It just seems to be the easy target. 

 Posted by Paul


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