It should just work, shouldn’t it?

Today I went back to Yahoo Pipes to build my mashup of RSS feeds. There was a fair amount of noise about it last week so I thought I’d give it ago.

The key point in that sentence is that I went back . Actually this is the 3rd time. Now I kind of like the concept of aggregating like topics into one feed (incidentally doesn't it feel like RSS is now where email subscriptions were??). But the experience while simple and fairly intuitive (thanks to Phil Wainwrights how to guide ) just didn't work out.

The output module just didn't appear, and then there was the date format issue. The 3rd time the last 3 weeks (most recent articles) just don't appear.

So i'm wondering, is this just normal in a web 2.0 world? Should i just suck it up? My normal mode of operation is to try something, if it doesn't work out i just walk away. I expect it to work first time.

Given the collaborative work environment we are entering perhaps i shouldn't.  Yahoo did fix the date format issue overnite, that in itself is quite something, and would indicate that I should be more tolerant patient or lower my expections

What do all think?

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