It is the human condition to forget

I was going to do a post about how companies seem to have absolutely no memory, but after viewing the documentary “End of the Line” about the crisis of over fishing,  i’ve changed it. Its not companies that have no memory, its people.

We seem to be gold-fish,  we get aware of a crtical issue, trundle on with life, forget about the issue, then come back to the point and have a “WOAH!” moment… all the while doing the same sorts of things that caused the crisis in the first place.

Take the End of the line example, it basically says humans completely decimated the fish in the North Sea,  didn’t learn a thing and then ruined Canadian cod fishstocks, and now we’re moving onto Tuna. (all the while doing exactly the same stuff of unfetted greed, a mutted but united response, political compromise and poor regulation and enforcement)

At an even higher level we’ve shown this same bahavioural trait… we realised that CFC’s were destroying the Ozone and reacted strongly, now we’ve got the same situation mirrored in global warming and of course over fishing

Inside businesses I see this sinewave pattern of awareness occur again and again.

I bet some of you out there know what i’m talking about… those situations where you are having a business planning meeting or a crissis meeting and you go ” oh right, let me dust of the plan we wrote last time this came up”… or you read the CEO communication and it feels like his top of mind things are exactly the same ones you were reading about 9 months ago.

So the question is how do you keep this stuff on the agenda, top of mind and painfully present every day…

This is important, because its figuring out this stuff that will let you take your company from good to great.  It is also critical for any cloud service provider, because dollars to doughnuts this forgetfullness will catch you out. Clients will rapidly forget how bad things were prior to taking your service unless you can stay on their agenda..

Remind them of why they made the decision to move to your service and the perils they face if they stray from that path

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