Is Google goneburger?

Just some musings, based on no facts but…. Is Goggle heading for trouble?  Despite all their product development efforts & a significant amount of hype, they still only have one revenue stream, advertising.

On top of that the word is that they are loosing staff in large numbers due to growth pains.

Finally, look at their strategic stance or lack there of. Who are they strategically aligned with? Perhaps more importantly who have they rankled? MS, Yahoo, Apple, Broadcasters, news companies….Wouldn’t a more prudent stance be to take on just one of these giants (by partnering with their enemy) at a time??

When the market realises that there are no new revenue streams, coupled with a large list of enemies what do you think that will de to the sharp rice? And without that kind if capital, how will they get out this hole? There are parallels to the dotcom boom/ bust companies here (IMHO).



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