Is Facebook doing a triple play

It makes sense to me that Facebook would go down the classical Telco triple play route. They are after all a massively consumer focused organisation.

If you examine their features, they have email of a sort.It wouldn't be very difficult to add IM, VoIP and video facilities. They already have gaming, even the nirvana of gaming, Gambling apps on the platform. So it was with interest that is saw this post on mashable about federated media. Now I know this is an advertising deal, but it triggered the thought, why wouldn't they deliver the third part of the triple play, media.

They have some advantages over traditional telco's in this respect. They have a pretty well defined demographic, they have addicted users, they have global reach and they have no barriers to entry. This is all upside for them.

Interesting. It could be one avenue that the finally make some money from. 

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