iPhone Madness


I am so, So sick of hearing about the iPhone. (rather hypercritically i guess this is just another post on it sorry). But enough already!

For anyone living outside the continental US this is hyperbole driven frenzy of Mac madness is a virtual non-event.

This post is more about the way the internet is driven by frenzy than a bitch about the iPhone itself, but then i’m not a massive fan anyways. 

The point being, the iPhone is locked into the AT&T mobile network. That network only (just) covers the US market. Hence the whole thing is a waste of time for anyone else.

What really urks me though is how much clutter this is causing in my RSS reader. I just don’t care. Obviously a major reason for this is iPhone won’t be here for 2 very long years (or longer if iStore is anything to go by). But also as this post by Jeremy Toeman points out, the likely impact of the iPhone on the mobile market is going to be minimal as well!

So then, WHY, please god, can i not get iPhone news. Why can’t filter that stuff out.

It also points to the overweight influence the US has on blogs, news and events. They’ve gone gaga over it, while the rest of us look on at the weirdness that is.

Its just a phone with an MP3 player. How could you have fallen for such hype and why can’t i block you?

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