Interventionist government practices demean us all

Our office has just been submitted to the indignity of a health and safety audit.  Its not hard to tell this because of the sudden influx of absurd signs around our office.  Adding 3 additional exit signs to our current 2 florescent ones just in case we didn’t already know where the doors were. Signs  in bathrooms reminding you to wash your hands and the massively ironic signs on doors asking you to ‘think, there might be someone on the other side’.

I have no issue with Health and safety laws where they are required, especially in hazardous working conditions, but in an office environment please?  What is going to happen? An especially dangerous keyboard cable is going to cause havoc? For godsake, if we see a live wire lying around, we are going to do something about it.

This to me is moving beyond governments role. It’s a fundamental waste, tax payers like me are funding people to write and enforce this nonsense, people who could be doing something productive (ie wealth producing).  You do not see this absurdity happening in nations who are more concerned with basic needs like food and shelter. Its a luxury of the so called '1st world'.  

But major issue,  the final indignantly, is that it demeans us all. By deciding to treat the entire country this way, the government has benchmarked us against the lowest common denominator in intelligence and maturity.  Trumpeting to the nation that we aren’t grown up enough to make even these most basic of decisions.

This effectively denies those who are at that lower levels the opportunity to learn and grow into fully functioning adults. It also makes those who are able to make their own decisions increasing lethargic, mentally dull.  This is caused by repeatedly telling everyone you aren’t intelligent enough to make these choices coupled with removal of responsibility and it belittles us all.

No choice means no accountability, something that shows up everyday… in our courts, in our homes, in our debt levels, in our companies…..

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