Integrated proposition or trapping

I’ve had several debates with people about vertically integrated, proprietary stacks lately, both at work and personally.

These can be good or evil, but the defining line between this to me at least is whether you the customer are getting a great customer experience AND could move if you want too.

Some examples:

There is an emerging proposition for remote security (door locks)
that some providers are launching. Now taHr intent here is to make you sticky to the service provider..but they are doing this by making it really hard for the average person to move , that is trapping people. This is the evil side.

Another example is apple. I am about to buy another iPhone, I’m doing this knowing that there are now better mobiles coming,
phones with NFC, better battery life etc…. But I have all the apps, I have my house nearly appleified and frankly my kids love the
games… So am I trapped? A little, but happily so because the experience is great.

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