I’m fed up with marketer’s


I think they’ve got a lot to answer for. IT is such a hype driven industry and its all because of the marketers hyperbole.

 Massively over used terms like ‘revolutionary’, ‘next generation’ and ‘2.0’ are thrown around incessantly. All they do is confuse our clients and create a need for more marketing spend.

 Examples  of this nonsense in action

  • ICT – that would be convergence? or IT&T ?
  • IBM branded cars with “integrated business productivity solutions “ – otherwise known as a fax and printer in one – wow
  • Anything 2.0 – that would be something older and (becoming) crusty renamed to be cool and new – web (2.0), enterprise (2.0) anyone?
  • Social networks – err Chat groups with more features?
  • iPhone – (i’d better be careful here, this is hallowed ground) – the advent of the mobile phone was the revolution, every innovation since is evolution.


I’m being deliberately cynical in my examples, but my point is that we, the marketers are becoming our own worst enemies. Customers have to deal with the complexity and confusion we create. Its no wonder they continually say trust is a key element in vendor selection.

Lets just keep it real. Lets apply some sanity to the way we bandy around words, even check the dictionary once or twice

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