I don’t get Apple

I don't get why their users are so rabidly supportive. I don't get why they don't cop more abuse for their blatant proprietary practices, I don't get it.

Their products (the small amount i've used) are … elegant, yes i think that is the best word. Functionally maybe no better or worse than competing products overall. But just damn nice to use.
But they have a re-appearing evil side at Apple it seems. They continually try it on, and seem to get away with really draconian practices. Sarah Perez on R/WW details the latest where an app that competes with iTunes podcast was rejected from the [i'm guessing] iPhone approved apps list. The developer then found a way around this and is happily reeping the PR bonanza that this has created.
They've also attempted to use an auto update feature to push their other applications out too.
Why do they do this? Why not more backlash about it? Why the continued sucess? As some of the comments on the R/WW blog suggest, people can vote with their feet… but the never seem too. I just don't get it

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