How much easier would be if…

I had the opportunity to sit in a session this week with an organisation that we are looking to partner with who are a top 5 provider of hosting type services. For various reasons we are looking to resell some of their capability. 

Interestingly enough, they also provide services that are directly competitive to some of the offerings of my current group. The thing that struck me in the discussion was how this same company had gone through the same process, pain and learning’s as we had in becoming a provider of hosted services.

The lunacy of it is that between us we have both probably burnt $1-2million over the last 5 years figuring this stuff out… And i'm willing to bet that there’s a bunch more hosting providers out there who have also done this.

The waste is enormous, the duplication, frustration and down right difficulty in getting anything done could have been so much easier if we'd had some sort of collaborative framework in place to do this.  My brief encounter with Wikinomics indicates that this is one of the many benefits a web 2.0 world could bring. Based on that alone the financial benefits must be there

The only creeping caveat that gets me with this is that this kind of mass wisdom drowns out innovation. We could have all spent this time and be wrong after all… 

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