Free internet calling on Facebook

A few months back i mused that Facebook was doing a Telco triple play. That is doing calling, content (movies) and gaming down the same channel.

That was a bit of a stretch because actually it was their ISV community doing the triple play.But my point was when you have a great deal of eyeballs and you offer disruptive technology (aka cheaper than the established offerings at a"good enough" quality) you have a good mix.

Today i saw this from Russell Shaw.  

Internet calling solutions provider  iotum has announced expanded availability  for its  FREE Conference Calls application on Facebook.

Internatinal in scope, the expansion fir the five-month-old service is being facilitated by  agreements with Internet communications partners Truphone in the U.K., Abbeynet in Italy and MOI Telecom in France

I find this quite amusing. Telco's are fixated by voip disruption and Skype being public enemy #1, but they seem to missing these web based, clientless competitive plays. I think something like this has legs. Its easy to see the application, you get a group of old flatmates or uni buddies to aggree to shoot the breeze on a fee voip conference call… next step is those same guys connect the dots and say, well hey customer X is on FB why not just use that Iotum thing…. 

 Update:  Looky  looky, content .

Facebook today launched two new Pages for music and film aimed at getting musical artists and film makers on the site.




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