dumb is dumb

Here’s a phase I heard yesterday.

“carriers are swapping dumb pipes for dumb cloud”

Indeed they are,  dumb is dumb.  A commodity is a commodity. Can you fluke some differentiation? Yes (just look at bottled water ), but generally speaking, it is going to stay a commodity.

Carrier’s need a slap. Strategically and culturally they just need to get with it.

Moving to cloud is a good idea, virtualisation is in a carriers blood, so is scale.  Doing it the carrier way is bad.  In what world do you think building services like you have always done is a good idea (the slow, massively robust, integrated from day 1, using trusted vendors kit approach).

Think that through. So you are buying servers and software off the same folks you always have (who are incidentally  themselves struggling with the cloud), banking on procurement scale to give you the price differential you need when you competitors have utterly commoditised this space. Buying commodity components, creating software or using open-source . And thats not the worst of it, you are probably using the same vendors (the ones with large PS businesses) to integrate it all together, and reverse integrating that new stuff into the cluster F#*k of your old OSS/BSS systems. You know, the ones that have held you back on your existing commodity services…..

How about doing something that adds value? Not bolting to the next commoditised market. How about a different approach, maybe even a cloud driven one (disruptive i know). Aggregation? PasS? Partnership?  All could deliver quite different results.  But to do that you need to get over yourself

  • Your old “lock the customer in mentality”
  • Your “we must own the customer” mentality
  • We need to have the same margins (headsup carriers, only oil, winning pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs get the same margins you are used too)
  • We will leverage our existing investments like OSS/BSS. (here’s a hint, while you talk about these things like they should be differentiators, ask yourselves if they really are)
  • You won’t break our delivery models
  • You won’t break the process
  • Everything is delivered up front because iteration is bad…
  • Get the same people to do the integration work.

Try something new, if not you are gonna get what you already have. Dumb is dumb…

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