Disruption is a funny thing

Its not just the core construct that gets disrupted. If we take SaaS as our example. I’ve blogged before about who else besides SaaS ISV’s will disrupt on-premises ISV’s. But in an interesting way the auxiliary services are also disrupted. I’ll deliberately use this example from IDC because of its relevance and irony. IDC state that integrators are going to be affected by SaaS, that is disrupted.

Here's where the irony kicks in. Ben Kepes blogged about the absurdity of this piece of news by IDC. And what has struck me is that the research houses themselves arc being disrupted.

I remember dealing with IDC here about 2 yrs ago. At that time IDC didn’t even have a taxonomy that included SaaS. They were calling it hosted application management or HAM. If you’ve ever worked with a research house you will know that if something doesn’t fit the taxonomy it creates a major panic. I think that world is gone, I think we are entering an era whereby online citizen journalism is going to usurp research or even the news. The analysis and insights provided by the likes of Bob at Smoothspan , Will Price and all the others out there are providing more timely, more accurate information than these research houses. I personally rely more on the blogging community than the annual, out of date documents put out by these places now. The only thing lacking (and I mean no disrespect) is the credibility that these houses have, it is very hard to know if numbers put up by Bob or Will are accurate. Unless these companies embrace web 2.0 and revise their methodologies they are in for a rough ride in the future. The speed of change is too dramatic, the pulse of the market is out here on the net not in spreadsheet.


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