Digg move the death nell?

Is this announcement by Digg the death-nell of the social services phenomenon? I think that possibly it shows the collision of our innate human greediness and the open source culture.

           Posted by Paul 

Services such as Digg and Wikipedia have grown on the back of free labour by creating their own, non financial reward structures. Predicated on another human trait, recognition. Up until recently this as worked just fine, by now old world companies (the corporation) with deep pockets have found a way to manipulate this system to their own ends. 

Sure right now the cases are few and far between but to me its indicative of a much more insidious and overwhelming trend. Its also the crux of one of an issue i've been unsuccessfully searching for an answer. That being how do social network and a free market (any market for that matter) economy co-exist.

As i've highlighted a few times, i don't quite get how the monetization of these networks works within the 'open' framework.

To me, this move by Digg is an admission that the inherent framework of the social services networks is broken. If diggers or Wiki mediators or whoever can be bought then the value erodes… so where does the model go????

I would suggest into the commercial hinterland… i just haven't figured out how yet

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