Crossing lines

When I was a post grad, they had to cancel the ethics in marketing class, the reason – not enough interest in the class. We were a high performing group. We also knew right from wrong.  The integrity of that class was never in question.

Today I see a business world where the results seem to matter more than how you get them. Netflix is supporting its net neurtrality agenda by contriving situations to make to highlight the issue.  Uber has a littany of ethical issues. Big oil, big sugar, big drug… all of them have lost their way. It’s all way to short term.  [disclosure:I love Uber and Netflix services, I question their ethics]

This isn’t what gets me passionate about business.  I want to see more companies Building long term innovations that make a difference to world.  That leave it in a better place, that know how you get results is just as important as the result.


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