Can one of the big boys ‘make’ the cloud market

I caught myself yesterday making the statement, that should one of the really big companies enter the cloud computing market they could literally make the market.  By this statement i meant that with all of the sales & marketing resources at the disposal, could one company accelerate the growth of the cloud computing market and physically grow it. (against what is a good question given my thoughts on market analysts).

Yesterday Microsoft announced it was going to finally going to deliver Office via browser (others call that SaaS but they do things their own way). So the question is, with its enormous marketing budget, market clout and channel could Microsoft (insert IBM,  HP-EDS) make the cloud market? Could a  regional Telco, like BT  (who has bought into the cloud vision) , with its reach and sales channels make the cloud market in the UK?

I think this can happen. I genuinely believe that a large company could cause this type or market distortation. To me there is some evidence of this, I’m told subprime mortgages didn’t exist 5 years ago for instance….bad topic but a clear example. MP3 music players – iPod anyone?  

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