Be nice to yourself…

Danielle George , whispered to me as she handed out the results of my follow up survey for a leadership program…. To me the proof that a years work on personal stuff had made a difference.  And despite all the teaching about focusing on the process, resetting your mindset, it being more about me than what others thought….  It still mattered and I was still going to be my harshest critic…. she was of course right. 🙂

Here now as a CEO of of small company, almost a year later. I’ve circled back.

There’s been plenty written about it, but it is still subterranean… only half acknowledged despite the efforts of some.

expectations of greatness at all times, and dismissal of anyone not up to scratch is the norm.

Running any business is bloody tough.  For the leaders you have to give a lot of yourself. Not just in hours, but in energy, mindshare, empathy, anxiety, family time, cash, sleep… whatever.  Often it is bloody hard to know how you are doing besides the obvious revenue and cashflow….I describe it as a knife fight, and every day is a battle.

The reality is not many people do this,  when you do catch up with a peer its a relief.  I meet one last week and the first words out of his mouth were ” are you doing ok?”  He gets it… thanks a million Vaughan for that. It meant a lot.

So while you are hard charging, fighting every battle and trying not to take it personal, what ever the score card says….. Be nice to yourself….

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