Asking the right question

Yesterday was a big day here in NZ, the iPhone 4S was released, whats more the stranglehold that Vodafone had on the iPhone has past.

Predictably there was plenty of hype. And then the carriers put out their plan details (see NBR). Lance Wiggs put it bluntly, “Vodafone’s iPhone 4S plans seem to have forgotten data”. The interesting thing is why.



They’ve had a monopoloy on the coolest device this decade, they must know what this does to ARPU …and yet they do this?

Could it be that in their analysis, they’ve uncovered a nasty fact? That they are killing their network with these devices?


Sounds silly but have a look at this mobile data growth chart

Given growth is nearly flat, prices are flat or falling… maybe it just wasn’t economic? Could they actually want to bleed these data hogging customers.

Remember Telecom and 2Degrees both have shinny new networks, i’m guessing they have uddles of capacity…maybe Vodafone doesn’t…after all they still have 2G in patches

Like is said, almost as interesting as the announcement itself




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