And how much better off we’d all be if

My last post kind of triggered a bunch of thoughts about this collaborative wave.  In my exasperated state i'd only viewed one aspect of how collaborative development could benefit us but there are many many more


Here’s another. Generally speaking products and services are made because there is a need or customer demand for that. If we could speed up our time to market by collaboratively sharing our experiences, then logically the consumer base has their needs met early and they are happier.

How about physically better products? A wider view point driving BETTER product development

As the cost of development is faster (and therefore cheaper) the goods should conceivable be able to be bought by a wider audience… that’s got to be a good thing.

Waste is reduced (visio schemas and paper alone!!!),

Stress….don't get me started, how much nicer we could all be to each other if we weren't stressed!

How about the fact that you consumers might actually have a say in what’s built…. that'd be a nice change. 

This web 2.0 paradigm shift resonates with me more and more.

By Paul



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