A cup of coffee

That's the price of entry to business consultancy, that's how my network operates.


I'm not fond of formal business networking, I detest sycophants, I kind of do business on my own terms. Because of this I don't have hundreds of folks in my network, more a small number of trusted advisers. 

I form strong working relationships with people over time. I subconsciously choose these people, and I seem to do this based on their intellect, integrity and knowledge.

To these folks i'm always willing to help, forward a request of do what ever I can to get things done.   Doing things this way i've built some great relationships, beyond just work too.

Interestingly enough, working this way, these folks love to reciprocate. The cost, a cup of coffee.

In the last week I've got A grade consultancy on web design, sales remuneration and collaboration tools. Total cost $9.00 NZ.

Riddle that through the next time you sign off a cheque for some advice…



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